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Dairy Technology (DT)

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Dairy technology is a discipline belonging to the food processing and technology courses under agricultural sciences. It deals with the production of milk and milk products. A dairy technologist deals with the various methods of removing germs and toxins from milk and making it safe and palatable for human use. This takes help of various disciplines like biochemistry, nutrition and bacteriology. In addition to purifying milk which includes processes like pasteurization, a specialist in dairy technology also deals with proper methods and equipments of collection, transportation, storage, packaging and distribution of milk and milk products. The course also includes various methods and research regarding the dairy equipments, the influence of feed and environment on the quantity and quality of milk production and ways to prevent wastage of milk and milk products. Hence, a dairy technologist has a vast range of responsibilities ranging from ensuring the optimum living condition for the cattle for best milk production, maintenance of dairy equipments and proper collection, storage and utilization of milk and milk products.

Job opportunities-

Private sector scope-

Nestle, Hindustan Unilever (HUL), ITC limited, Mother Diary, Amul etc.

Government sector scope-

Research and Development Organization

Dairy Development Board

In quality control departments of government dairy firms

Rural banks

Co-operative bank

Diary farm etc.

Higher studies scope-

Doctoral Programme in Dairy Technology.

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