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B.M.L.T (Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology) is one of the largest and impoverished wings in the modern healthcare field. With the advancement of medical science, the physician requires the help of medical laboratories for the treatment of rapidly growing diseases in the needs of skilled persons/employees.

B.M.L.T is a graduate medical lab technologist program, the B.M.L.T course is of 3 years, and its syllabus is divided into 6 semesters, it is a career-oriented course.

Admission in B.M.L.T

To take admission in B.M.L.T, students will have to pass 10 + 2 class physics, chemistry, and biology/mathematics and with minimum of 50% marks.

Job Opportunity

- Lab Technician.

- R&D Contractual Lab Assistant.

- Junior Technical Executive.

- Lab Medicine Technician.

- X-Ray Technician.

RGCB, IBAB, RCB, Faculty Positions in IIT's and NIT's, Private Hospitals, Wipro Healthcare, HLL Healthcare, GE Electronics, ESiC, NBRC, RGBC, Life Science Technology, Lupin Limited, Periyar Chemicals Limited, Shantha Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd., etc.

Healthcare sectors, medical equipment manufacturers, sales, and service engineers in hospitals, medical labs, and OEMS. B.M.L.T. are eligible in the Government sector and Private sector. You can get a minimum salary package of 4-6 Lakh annually.

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