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AIEESE (Secondary) scholarship examination is for those students, who have chosen engineering as their career and wish to pursue it from any Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or National Institute of Technology (NIT). This is one of the most desired examinations after JEE (Main) & JEE (Advanced) for scholarship to study in IIT`s / NIT`s. 

AIEESE (Secondary) - 2022 is being conducted by BRAINZTORM TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE, which is one of the pioneering organizations in the field of career counselling and education. It has brought together innovative minds from the industry and education to guide and foster brains in the field of education and drives the students towards a better future.

AIEESE (Secondary) gives flight to the young birds who wish to learn how to fly high. Each child is special and each mind wonderful. What we desire is that students believe in themselves and let us handle the finances for them. What we desire is that they earn the assistance so that they could write their own future.



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